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Premiere Performers

2023 competition dates & locations TBD

It came to our attention years ago that our Premiere family was interested in more performance opportunities. We were able to provide this chance to thestudents who were focused and dedicated by offering a dance team we are proud to call “Premiere Performers.”


After searching for venues to perform outside of our annual Concert,  we found that one of the most popular choices was“Competition.”Along with other performance opportunities, we felt that being a part of a competition team would be a great experience for our dance/acrobatic students. We have seen them stretch their abilities and surpass our expectations, but we have also watched our students grow into respectable and well-liked people.  We are so proud of the hard work that they have already displayed in being a part of this team and‘sisterhood.’ The camaraderie they exemplify at competitions has not gone unnoticed (even by other dance studios). You make Premiere so proud!


Our dance team styles will include Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Funk, Hip-hop, and Lyrical. In order to perform a particular dance style on our dance team you must be enrolled in that dance style during our regular season. There will be requirements for our team members such as: one mandatory workshop, flexibility and conditioning classes (complimentary to dance team students) and Ballet for all team members.


We may be using prior Concert routines to help cut down the cost of shoes and costumes, however new shoes and costumes may be required. We are excited about starting this new adventure at Premiere and we cannot wait to share these experiences with you and your children. 

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