Studio Policies

Dress Code

The staff of Premiere strongly believe in a proper dress code for class. Below you will find descriptions for each class. For your convenience, we sell all required shoes and dance tights at Premiere. Samples are available for students to try on. We offer our customers an opportunity to prepare for the new dance season with a "Shoe and Dancewear Sale" in the month of August. A proper dress code helps the instructors adjust the student's posture and alignment. We believe it promotes a strong work ethic and focus for class. We ask that all students come with their hair pulled off their face and secured. All one-hour ballet classes are required to have a bun.  Students are expected to be on time and prepared for class. We ask that you please respect these policies and guidelines. Thank you for your cooperation.


For dancers of all ages, we suggest “All That Jazz” in Collegeville – offering a full  line of dancewear and shoes in various sizes and price range.


All That Jazz

343 Main St.

Royersford, PA 19468


NOTE: We do have a limited number of used tap shoes, jazz shoes,  and dance sneakers  for purchase at the studio.

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Payment Schedule

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Holiday Schedule